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About Myself – A Personal CV

My name is Tibor Molnar, I am the proprietor of Molnár Graphic Design and Pre-Press Company. My family name means “miller” in Hungarian – that is why the windmill in my company logo.
I was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1961. After primary school I went to a special English class of Ferenc Toldy Grammar School. I graduated from grammar school in 1979 and I was admitted to the Teachers' Training College of Eger in the same year. I graduated as a teacher of Hungarian language, literature and English in 1984.
After graduation I started to work as a teacher in a newly built school but after a year I had to perform compulsory military service for one and a half years. After the army I went on teaching but after a year and a half it did not satisfy me any longer so I tried to find a new job requiring more creativity. I became a publishing editor at the publishing house of Hungexpo, Hungary's premier company for fairs and publicity. I was in charge of editing various publications, including  books, brochures and calendars.

Besides working as a teacher and an editor I had a part-time job at a small local cable-TV studio as an editor-reporter.
In 1990 I applied for a
position advertised by a personnel consultancy agency and was chosen to be a head of publishing department at the Publishing House of Fine Arts. I managed the largest postcard and greeting card publisher of the time for three years.
I have been into computing since the 1980s
. After aquiring desktop publishing skills I decided to launch an own business in 1994 offering full-scale graphic design and pre-press services. In the early years of my business I also managed print production so I worked closely with printing houses, but in the last couple of years I have only done graphic design and pre-press.
As a true all-rounder
, I perform all the tasks related to providing full scale pre-press services to my clients, such as scanning, photo retouch, creating illustrations and charts, design, layout, colour separation and printing film production.

In 2008 I took the IQ test of Mensa HungarIQa (the national group of the International High IQ Society). You can view my certificate here.

Please visit my two personal photo galleries here, here and here with pictures about me and my family.

Please click here to view my Genesis page.

© Molnár Tibor
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