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I have loved the music of Genesis since the mid 1970s. (It's been a long time. Hasn't it?” – Genesis: Supper's Ready)

The first Genesis album I listened to was Foxtrot. When I heard my brother listening to it I knew it for the first time that it was totally different from anything I had heard before. I found myself in a soul-lifting and rich world, with historic and mythologic references in lyrics and a very intellectual sounding. As the years passed by I got to know each and every new album and era of Genesis. There were changes in lineup and style as well but I still enjoy all music created by this fantastic band.

The first time I saw Genesis live was in 1987 in Budapest, Hungary - the Invisible Touch tour. I still have an unused ticket for this concert.

My first Genesis concert Budapest, Hungary
(unused ticket)

I had to wait 11 years for the next time as Genesis played live in Budapest in January 1998, with a new lineup. The Calling All Stations tour was launched in Budapest and I was very lucky to be there on the night before the first show in Budapest Sportshall where the band performed a full rehearsal. I had my simple VHS-C video camcorder with me and I taped the whole 'private' concert as I did the arrival of Genesis at Budapest Airport the same morning. My video recording travelled around the globe.

This was the first time when I had a chance to meet band members and I could have an autograph from Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford.

Calling All Stations – January 1998, Budapest

Frames from my video taken in Budapest Sportshall

Signed photo

In September 1998 I was involved in Duncan Philips's "Strictly Banks" concert project - a tribute to the solo work of Genesis keyboard player, Tony Banks. I designed and produced the programme and designed the CD cover and brochure of Strictly Banks.

The gig was a good chance to have an insight
into the great solo work of Tony Banks, unfortunately not recognized by the wide audience. I could be there at the rehearsals a few days before the concert and I taped this event as well.

During my stay in England I had a great pleasure in visiting Charterhouse, the private school in Surrey where Genesis was founded. I also went to Fisher Lane Farm Studio where many Genesis and solo CDs were recorded.

I went to two concerts by Genesis tribute bands so I could see Invisible Touch and Re-Genesis play live.

To Tibor, All the best, Tony Banks

In January 2002 Steve Hackett, the ex-guitarrist of Genesis had an acoustic concert in Budapest and I could enjoy the performance from the first row.

Later th
at year I had a chance to meet Steve Hacket in person. I went to England in June to see The Musical Box play Selling England By The Pound in The Royal Albert Hall in London. They are doing a fantastic job re-creating Genesis gigs in every detail. The special guest was Steve Hackett who joined in in the enchore.

Before the show I could have a few words with Steve, have his autograph and a photo was taken of us. After one and a half years this photo was signed by Steve. After the concert I could meet band members of The Musical Box.

With Steve Hackett in the Royal Albert Hall

Hackett in Budapest

An autographed leaflet of The Musical Box

Steve Hackett

With the singer of The Musical Box

My pass

My ticket

In April 2004 after the acoustic show in 2002 Steve Hackett returned to Budapest with his rock band.

The night before the concert there was a press conference where I had
the opportunity to get Steve to sign our photo taken in London in June 2002.

Hackett in Budapest

Hackett signs

Steve Hackett live in Budapest

In February 2005 I travelled to Geneva to see The Musical Box again performing The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. The special guest was Phil Collins, the singer and drummer of Genesis, who joined in in the enchore.

After the concert I
had the pleasure of meeting Phil Collins and I could take a few photos of him.

A few months later Phil had a concert in Budapest on his First Final Farewell Tour
and naturally I went to enjoy the show.

My pass

One of my photos of Phil Collins

The most important event of 2007 was Genesis reuniting with Phil Collins and the European and North-American tour Turn It On Again. Although there were no new songs, the band performed a show of more than two hours on a giant stage playing all the hits of the last decades. Naturally I could not leave out this chance so I went to see Genesis four times in 2007: in Linz, Austria, in Prague, Czech Republic, Wembley Stadium (Genesis opened LiveEarth) and finally in Twickenham.

My tickets for the
Turn It On Again tour concerts

In Linz, Austria
before the gig

I took these photos in Linz, Austria on 18 June 2007.

Steve Hackett at Óbuda Main Square in Budapest

on 18 July 2014 with Djabe and Gulli Briem

Steve Hackett at Óbuda Main Square in Budapest

on 18 July 2014 after the gig

Steve Hackett at Óbuda Main Square in Budapest

on 18 July 2014, Firth of Fifth solo (video - 2:44)

Steve Hackett at Óbuda Main Square on 18 July 2014

Blood on the Rooftops and Horizons (video - 2:00)

On 13 May 2015

at the Muvesz Cinema

in Budapest, Hungary

after the press screening

of the film 'Genesis –
Together and Apart'

and with the movie poster

From my collection.

Hungarian Genesis book signed by Tony and Mike

Armando Gallo's autographed book

This drumstick was used by Nir Z at the Budapest rehearsal of Calling All Stations

© Molnár Tibor
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